Lisa Hopkins, ceo Lisa Hopkins, ceo

CINZ calls on Government support

Conventions and Incentives New Zealand (CINZ) has called on the New Zealand Government outlining the support needed for the business events sector moving forward. Lisa Hopkins, ceo says a letter was sent to the government outlining 5 key requests.

1. Create a clear and specific Ministerial relationship which would support a more direct dialogue with the industry to save jobs, create investment, drive economic growth, and provide accountability.

2. Extend the wage subsidy to the end of the year in a targeted way. 

3. Meet and partner with the industry. 

4. Acknowledge the industry and the important role it plays in leverage. This will deliver confidence to both the sector and their customers, supporting the domestic opportunities until borders re-open. 

5. Do not cancel Government-sponsored conferences or events. Use the experts in the industry to manage these events as a way of supporting industry recovery.

The Prime Minister has acknowledged the letter and has asked Minister Twyford to connect with CINZ.  

Hopkins anticipates outcomes from the Domestic Event Fund to be announced very soon as well as details around the administration of the Regional Event fund, which will include Business Events.