Jayden Klinac talks to attendees at the Tourism NZ hosted breakfast at AIME 2020 Jayden Klinac talks to attendees at the Tourism NZ hosted breakfast at AIME 2020

Fulfil sustainability and CR obligations in one go

If you want to do the very best you can to make your conference or event as clean and green as possible and fulfil your corporate responsibility obligations, you should be looking at Jayden Klinac’s company, For the Better Good, which offers an alternative to plastic water bottles.


After learning the astounding fact that one million plastic water bottles are sold worldwide every minute, that’s 40 billion a month – enough to drown the Eiffel Tower and, less than two years later, Dubai’s cloud-piercing Burj Khalifa – Klinac was determined to find a solution. And he has; his Better Bottle plant-based flask is made from naturally occurring starch which makes it certified compostable, completely breaking down in just 27 days. That, mixed with other compost, is used to establish and grow vegetables on surplus land which will be harvested and donated to the charity, WELLfed.

And it gets better – the bottles can be re-used and to encourage people to embrace a circular system over 200 refill stations can be found around Aotearoa, where bottles can be refilled for free. But wait, there’s more… for every box of water bought, a tree will be planted.

For The Better Good will provide special wooden boxes for your delegates to dispose of their bottles should they want to, collect the bottles and event’s end and then ensure they are properly composted.

Klinac was the featured speaker at Tourism New Zealand’s 100% Pure New Zealand breakfast this morning at AIME in Melbourne.