Matt Ellingsen, Empathy Design, keynote at ETF 2019 Matt Ellingsen, Empathy Design, keynote at ETF 2019

Eventing The Future 2019 - Wellington

A quick audience poll confirmed that people have their best ideas in the bath or shower in the morning, yet many companies put their people in a little room during the day and ask them to share ideas. ETF 2019 keynote speaker, Matt Ellingsen, Empathy Design, suggested more inspirational ways of group brainstorming.

“Group brainstorming is incredible for generating ideas but too many companies play in the safe, easy, comfortable zone. “Think about when you have your best ideas – beta brainwaves are when we are alert and attentive and that happens in the morning – in the shower, for example, he said.

“Good brainstorming encompassed the use of prompts - written, oral and visual. Your brain fires differently with different visual stimulation. Go outside; visual prompts with no relevance to your topic will fire your brain.” Group and solo brainstorming can both be helpful, he added. 

“Quantity is your friend – take as many ideas as you can, keep it moving, prompt, ideas belong to everyone, go wild. Take as many ideas as you can then move to concepts and then onto the final solution.”