Four things your MC should be bringing to the table

Four things your MC should be bringing to the table

Alison Mau will MC the MasterClass at CINZ Meetings 2019. Ahead of the event, she gives her thoughts on performing on the ‘other side of the mic’ and what POCs might ponder, as they make their MC choice.

1. It’s about the audience
One of the best testimonials I’ve ever had was a PCO of a major Business Awards night who told me ‘thank you for making it about us and not about you!’ The MC you want, does not relish the spotlight for themselves – they reflect it back onto the truly important people (your attendees.)

2. Curiosity
I love conference MC work because I personally learn so much, often about subjects I’ve previously had no great experience in. In just the past couple of years I’ve gained valuable insights into such disparate subjects as justice law reform, advances in healthcare, aviation and tourism, online Safety and much more. A curious MC/Moderator is an invested one, and that leads to better panel discussions and Q&A sessions, and a more satisfying result for delegates and speakers alike.

3. Energy
Don’t accept someone who merely stands on stage in a suit or a dress, and reads the words. A really good MC will actively drive the event along, generating the energy that will ensure it really fizzes.

4. Time to care
Many people have to squeeze their MC work around their full-time jobs. This doesn’t mean they can’t be amazing at your event, but these days you’re probably demanding more value from the role. I regularly script an event from scratch based on runsheets, notes and bios, in close consultation with my PCO, where once that wouldn’t have been the case. I’ve made the decision to work part time at my regular job and keep at least one day a week aside, to ensure I have the time to do the job properly.