Corporate PA Summit 2019 - Cordis Hotel Auckland Corporate PA Summit 2019 - Cordis Hotel Auckland

Corporate PA Summit 2019

Another successful summit for busy executive assistants and HR professionals.

If your professional life is beginning to get you down, you need to activate the calm side of the central nervous system and push the flight, fight or freeze side aside. Sage advice from health guru Dr. Libby Weaver in her closing speech at the recent Corporate PA Summit, which took place at Auckland’s Cordis Hotel last week.

It is the fifth year the event has been held drawing 280 delegates from corporate, government, education, local council and DHB arenas, with more than half of those from outside Auckland.Weaver’s message was that we need to prioritise health and wellness to drive personal and professional growth.

She talked about the ‘clash of values’ between work and personal and ‘too much stress and not enough energy’. Professional and personal development is a key feature of the summit, says James Matthews, director Think Tank Media and Summit convenor. He says that some issues being discussed are the same for smaller organisations and areas as in the larger ones. The Corporate PA Summit - dedicated to inspiring and empowering EAs and PAs to achieve their full potential and be the best that they can be - has run for 15 years in Australia and for five in this country.

The company specialises in business to business events, conferences and training and says the conferences and training it offers are designed to help its customers stay at the forefront of their industry. Think Tank Media also runs a blog on its website with advice on workplace wellbeing, ethics and networking.