DMS connects Auckland buyers

DMS connects Auckland buyers

Nearly 70 Kiwi professional conference organisers, corporate event managers, and incentive agents showed up to the Maritime Room in Auckland yesterday for the annual DMS Connect roadshow.

Put on by Destination Marketing Services (DMS), the event showcased 19 operators from around the world and offered up five travel prizes.

Marissa Fernandez, managing director of DMS says Kiwi groups are wanting to push destination boundaries more, with places like South Africa, Malta, Morocco and Greece becoming popular in the last year.

'The trend was always very much wherever Air New Zealand flew, that was where the Kiwi clients were driven towards.

'However, in the past year we’ve really seen a shift in that where the New Zealand market has really wanted to go further abroad and travel to those destinations where they haven’t been and they haven’t had that direct access before.'

Unsurprisingly last year the biggest selling destination was Japan, with the lead up to the 2019 Rugby World Cup. It's the first time a destination has overtaken Bali in the Asia region.

Fernandez says a lot of groups are using sporting events or larger tradeshows within their industry across the world and then tacking on their own business content to create a dynamic conference and incentive programme.

Fernandez says there is also a trend toward an increasing value of programmes.

​'Three years ago we were still struggling because budgets weren’t quite where we needed them to be but over the last two years we’ve seen that lift a lot particularly out of New Zealand.'