Anna Hayward and Kiran Nambiar Anna Hayward and Kiran Nambiar

ACB and QCB join forces to attract long-haul incentives

Auckland Convention Bureau (ACB) and Queenstown Convention Bureau (QCB) are joining forces to amplify marketing efforts in longer-haul markets to attract the high-value incentive market.

Under a new strategic MoU, the bureaux will work together to position Auckland and Queenstown as an unbeatable dual-destination proposition in long-haul markets.

QCB director Kiran Nambiar says the partnership will allow the two destinations to consolidate their offering on the international stage.

'The conference and incentive market is fiercely competitive, working together will allow us to present our dual-destination proposition with clarity and potency.

'We know that Auckland and Queenstown are already considered in tandem for international organisations seeking unique and desirable conference and incentive destinations, an MoU recognises this and allows the two bureaux to represent each other effectively.'
Head of ACB Anna Hayward says New Zealand is seen as a bucket list destination by longer haul markets, but sometimes the perceived distance can be considered a bit of a barrier.  

'We’ve been working hard to make sure people realise that while New Zealand is a long-haul destination for most, there are many direct flights taking less than 12 hours from origins around the globe.

'By working together with Queenstown we can present a very complimentary proposition, one which will see a good distribution of high value business events visitors throughout the two regions, with people staying longer and spending more in New Zealand while they are here.'

Earlier this year the two organisations held several joint workshops to identify key markets and areas of joint activity within the market. Most of the joint activity for the next 18 months will be in United States, China, India and South East Asia.

The collaborative activity that the bureaux will undertake together will include content exchange to co-promote dual-destination incentive itineraries and joint sales calls in the long haul markets. Areas of cooperation will also include delivering ACB and QCB core offering in long-haul markets during sales trips and at events and also co-hosting buyers from leading incentive houses on familiarisation trips.