Convene Q 2017 - that’s a wrap

Convene Q 2017 - that’s a wrap

Back for 2017, Convene Q celebrated its fourth birthday at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

All up, 88 Exhibitors, 23 hosted buyers and around 200 day buyers convened in the sunny city to network and negotiate.

Allyssa Eastaugh, general and events manager of ProMag Publishing says this year’s event brought together more geographic regions from across Queensland than ever before.

‘We also had a great pre-event famil programme that took us into new regions as well, including Mackay and the Dual City initiative between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.,’ she says.

‘It’s really obvious that the destinations have figured out that coming together as a collective gives them the best opportunity to showcase how they can provide solutions for business events to the buyers. It’s all about collaboration.’

Another triumph, Eastaugh says, was what the team at ProMag accomplished all the way from New Zealand.

‘We pulled together a few new things. And from a company where we actually sit and live and originate somewhere else, it didn’t really matter, we were able to pull together a first on quite a few levels,’ she says.

‘It’s all about having a vision and being able to play it out, it shows that the art of relationships is not dead.’

Tiffany Bower, manager at Business Events Sunshine Coast, says they’ve been there right from the beginning, and this year brought a total of 12 operators to the show.

“Anyone who's there as a buyer is there to buy Queensland product. As a result for a buyer I think they're getting a much better array of product than they would get at the larger shows,’ she says.

‘It's an opportunity for buyers to meet directly and form relationships. It’s Spirit house and Surfair, that kind of product that buyers might not know about. You’re getting the colour, the hidden gems.’

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