Julian Mather - The power is in your hand - PCOA 2019 Julian Mather - The power is in your hand - PCOA 2019

Get video smart – Julian Mather

World-class videographer Julian Mather will put his audience in the video picture, literally, at the PCOA19 conference.

Mather, true to the conference theme, Anything is Possible, will outline how to how to get video-smart with smartphones. He has seen the world through many lenses -- through a telescopic sight as an army sniper and through the TV lens as a globetrotting cameraman for ABCTV, National Geographic, BBC and Discovery. He’s travelled far but his longest journeys have been from: behind the camera to in front of it, from public servant to entrepreneur and from stutterer to professional speaker.

At the PCOA19 conference he will share that the only camera he owns is a smartphone and how this pocket-sized TV station will revolutionise the way business videos are made.  Mather will guide people on their journey to creating 21st-century video and becoming 21st-century learners: two essential business skills for the coming decade. 

“We are addicted to our phones,” he says. “More people on the planet own a smartphone than own a toothbrush.”

He will tell the conference attendees that by 2021 four out of five of their clients’ interactions with their phone will involve video. He says they should capitalise on this technology and social revolution to speed up communication.

“The solution is in the palm of your hand… literally.”

Mather believes that people who master smartphone video will not only become self-sufficient for most of their video needs but will be able to:

  • Boost business
  • Get more leads
  • Introduce new products or events
  • Speak to younger audiences
  • Make their own training videos
  • Blow customer satisfaction through the roof

In this deep-dive session, he will give advice on:

  • Learning how to go from making dumb to smart videos: the path to becoming video literate
  • Learning how to go from presentation disaster to presentation master: the path to becoming video confident
  • Save thousands of dollars in equipment and ongoing video costs
  • Learn simple tweaks to make right away to immediately improve videos 100 per cent.