Lynne Schinella Lynne Schinella

Speak with impact - PCOA masterclass 2019

LYNNE Schinella, who is undaunted by challenges, is hoping her approach will rub off on delegates when she addresses the PCOA19 conference as a guest speaker.

This positive professional, who addresses audience all over the world, will run a masterclass, Speak with Impact, Her class will reinforce the conference’s theme, Anything is Possible.

“When we open our minds to new possibilities, everything changes,” says Lynne, author ofBite Me! The dos and don’ts of dealing with our differences

She started life in airlines and hotels before founding her own incentive and events company, which she ran for 10 years before a mid-life crisis put her on another path.

Today speaking with confidence is Lynne’s day job. Her speaking invitations put her in front of audiences of all types all over the world.  She presents to boards, to executive committees, at business workshops, and to hundreds of delegates at corporate conferences.

Lynne, through her desire to constantly learn and grow as a professional speaker, is able continually to put her teaching into practice.  Her coaching for speakers is current and real – it reflects what she sees and hears as well as what she does. “I can’t count how many times someone comes up to me after a speaking event to say I could NEVER do that,” says Lynne.

“Why do we think this? It’s the fear monkey -- the one who can’t sit still on your shoulder and says you’ll look stupid. The one who says there is always someone more knowledgeable, more educated, more experienced than you that should be speaking, not you.

“Articulating yourself well in a public space is a critical business skill. When you speak well you’re seen as confident, knowledgeable, and a leader.  “No one will buy into your vision if you can’t articulate it.

“When we open our minds to new possibilities everything changes. Getting up on stage is a liberating experience. And when you have that nailed, you’ll be surprised how that confidence spills over into other areas of your life.

“Suddenly you feel capable of that start up, or getting that charity going, or running that marathon. You’re good at what you do. You’re a competent and confident senior event organiser.” 

Lynne, in her PCOA19 conference masterclass, will teach how to prepare and deliver a well-structured presentation, participate confidently in meetings and handle questions, and how to deliver a message with maximum impact.

She also will teach how to adjust a speech’s delivery to suit different audiences and how to deliver an impromptu presentation without a meltdown.

As she asks: ‘If Anything is Possible, what’s stopping you?”