Meeting planner or architect of exhaustion

Meeting planner or architect of exhaustion

Across society mental health issues have reached crisis point.

Rohit Talwar in his opening keynote session yesterday said that last year in the UK 300,000 people quit work because of mental health issues, and global estimates are that the issue is costing organisations three trillion US dollars per year.

‘More and more people are too stressed to deliver, they’re quitting, and they’re finishing their careers much earlier.

‘So how do we build mechanisms into our events that actually help people understand where the stresses are in their lives and how to deal with them?’

Talwar spoke to the exponential growth of invasive technology that is already changing our world and what we thought was our private domain.

‘We’re going to have a whole set of secondary and tertiary conferences around the social impact, the ethical issues and how we regulate this stuff and protect society.’