PCO association webinars

PCO association webinars

The PCO Association has kicked off its webinar series, with the first session to be held on Thursday 15 February.

This is the fifth consecutive year the PCO Association will put out its webinar series.

This year it will host 17 webinars.

‘The webinars continue to provide a great online learning tool for our members, business partners and broader audience. The educational webinars have been specifically designed based on feedback from our members and business partners,’ says PCO Association president, Barry Neame.

All PCO Association webinars are recorded for members and business partners to access anytime, by logging into the member section of the PCOA website.

The first webinar, P.U.M.P. (Pump Up My Productivity)will be hosted by Sally Foley-Lewis, an expert in productive leadership and performance management.