Wednesday, 22 April 2020 01:55

MEA launches new accredited event professional program

A new program designed to recognise events industry practitioners who have reached the highest levels of professionalism in event management has been launched by Meetings & Events Australia (MEA).

The new benchmark for individual recognition is based on both  quantitative and qualitative assessments  of career achievements, work history,  continuing skills development, and education, along with the applicant’s contribution to the events industry.  

MEA CEO, Robyn Johnson, said: “MEA’s individual accreditation program has undergone a long overdue review. The new program acknowledges practical experience, industry knowledge and qualifications in event management. It acknowledges event professionals who are committed to continued learning and improvement of their skills and knowledge. Having the AEP (Accredited Event Professional) post-nominal will be the highest accolade in the Australian events community and will be highly prized”.  

For further information on how to become an Accredited Event Professional go to https://www.meetingsevents.com.au/become-accredited