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Vodafone Events Centre announce new caterers

Second Nature Charitable Trust, owner of the Vodafone Events Centre has announced Collective Hospitality as its new caterers for both the events centre and Vector Wero Whitewater Park. 

Effective from April 1st, 2020, both the Vodafone Events Centre and Vector Wero Whitewater Park welcome Collective and look forward to working with their team of professionals to achieve their shared social goals.

David Comery, CEO of the Trust, has expressed the eagerness within the events centre team of working with Collective's key managers to further promote and grow the business within the Manukau site.

“Collective Hospitality is delighted that Vodafone Event Centre has chosen us to be their catering partner. It is not often that the values of organisations are truly shared, and we are excited about where this partnership can go,” says Collective Hospitality CEO Kerr Houston.

 The Second Nature Charitable Trust's schools programme sponsored more than 65,000 children at the events centre and the white water park in 2019. “This is a 30% increase on our previous best annual performance and is only possible through the focussed commercial management of the meeting spaces within the Trust’s portfolio, the popularity of which is growing exponentially at present” says Comery.