Louise Ryburn Louise Ryburn

Celebrity Speakers launch new website

Celebrity Speakers is celebrating 30 years in business in November. To celebrate they are pulling out all the stops with expansion into America, a brand redesign, commissioning world-first industry research, welcoming additional staff to the team and finally launching a new website.

This expansion and evolution of Celebrity Speakers is exciting and shows the strength of the speaking industry says managing director Louise Ryburn. 'We are building on the last 30 years of history and are evolving to ensure we can continue to deliver exceptional quality for our clients. It is important that we remain as relevant and cutting edge as our speakers certainly are'.

Celebrity Speakers also believes that being the industry leaders means daring into the unknown by making opportunities happen beyond our shores!

Ryburn says 'We know our speakers are world-class, exceptional story-tellers, with messages worthy of sharing around the world'.

Following her recent trip to Canada and the U.S.A to represent Celebrity Speakers at the International Association of Speaker Bureaux (IASB) Conference, Ryburn says it was clear that there was room for our speakers in the U.S. market and so we got to work on the next phase of expansion.

It’s no secret that Celebrity Speakers is passionate about the speaking industry and the power of storytelling, Ryburn, who has been with the company for 17 years wanted to dig deeper into this industry we love and understand it from all angles.
Fuelled with an abundance of feedback, perspectives and advice from stakeholders, Celebrity Speakers crafted their new website and fresh new brand on the coat tails of the research results.
The recent success and expansion of Celebrity Speakers further enable the team to deliver on their first priority which is and will always be to provide exceptional customer service and talent support, which help them to change lives one speech at a time.  Two new team members also started earlier this year, Victoria Smith, Client relationship Manager and Francesca Atha Sales Coordinator.