Meeting Newz Septeber / October 2022

E V E N T R E V I E W The agenda was packed with keynote speakers and masterclass breakout sessions with a range of topics including work, trends, technology and culture, navigating through uncertain times, managing stress and innovation in events. THE NEW WORKING NORMAL In the opening keynote, Lindsay Zwart, chief enterprise officer at Vodafone New Zealand, said after the Covid pandemic changed the way people worked and communicated, businesses across all industries are now looking at how technology can be used to enable a new way of working. “We all experienced it, we all went into lockdown. How do we connect with each other, how do we stay productive, and how do we introduce new technology that we weren't using in the past?” she asks. Zwart says attracting and retaining talent is a key issue for businesses following Covid. “We have a war on talent at the moment. We can't find enough people to fill roles and service the activity we have in the market,” she says. A recent survey from Vodafone found 30% of those surveyed said they would move roles if their employer didn’t offer flexible working. “We need to start thinking of this new way of hybrid working and how we can support employees who are working in a flexible manner,” Zwart says. “But we have to remember that this only works for certain industries doing certain tasks.” Zwart says fostering customer relationships is also key to business, and hybrid working has changed the way businesses communicate with their clients. “We know that having a human connection is better than anything else we can do in regards to how we connect with our customers, and we all know how much we missed it when we were in lockdown,” she says. “It's that bonding and connection you feel. So it's about finding that right balance between working virtually and coming into an office. “Technology can build business connections and create that blend of what we need.” EVENTS LANDSCAPE IN THE CURRENT CLIMATE Perseverance pays off, according to Mitch Lowe, director at Audiology Touring. “All events have things in common in terms of the organisation involved and what you want to achieve,” he says. [OF F I CE , PA & EVENT PL ANNE R SHOW Beula Somers, RotoruaNZ; Lynley Martin, Skyline Rotorua; Vanessa Huntley and Kate Jackson, Ellerslie Event Centre THE OFFICE, PA AND EVENT PLANNER SHOW 2022 IT WAS A BUSY TWO DAYS AT THE CORDIS, AUCKLAND WHEN THE OFFICE, PA AND EVENT PLANNER SHOW 2022 WAS FINALLY HELD AFTER COVID DELAYS ON 29 AND 30 AUGUST. THERE WAS AN ELEMENT OF EXCITEMENT IN BEING ABLE TO MEET FACE TO FACE, LEARN AND NETWORK. Martina Tora, Jet Park Hotel and Glenda Harding, Harding Consultants [24] meeting newz [sept oct] 2022