Meeting Newz Septeber / October 2022

[COVE R STORY: HAWKE ' S BAY HAWKE’S BAY Heather Matthews, trade marketing and sales manager with Hawke’s Bay Business Events, says that enquiries around conferences, meetings, and incentives have ramped up significantly in the past six months. “Similar to the rest of the country, since the orange light setting came into effect, the main challenge has been trying to squeeze two or three years of activity into the next 12 months. So we are incredibly fortunate to have new facilities now available in Hawke’s Bay.” She points to the recent opening on the Municipal Building at Toitoi in Hastings as a flexible and significant development that BE organisers can consider. REGIONS, NEW FACILITIES, FAMILIAR FAVOURITES TO THE FORE Photo: Hawke's Bay Tourism Educating business events organisers on the wider offerings in Hawke’s Bay is one of the key objectives of the region’s marketers heading into 2023 and beyond. [10] meeting newz [sept oct] 2022