Meeting Newz November / December 2021

Research the reef on Lizard Island, Queensland Guests can give back to the destination by becoming passionate advocates for the Great Barrier Reef via a guided tour of the Lizard Island Research Station. Groups of up to 12 at a time are transferred via the resort’s four- wheel drives to the internationally renowned Research Station run by the Australian Museum and are personally shown around the facility by its joint directors, Doctors Lyle Vail and Anne Hoggett. This invaluable learning experience provides insight into current conservation and research projects and facilitates a deeper appreciation for Lizard Island’s beautiful beaches, reefs, and marine life. AROUND AUS TRAL I A FEEL-GOOD CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY ACTIVITIES FOR BUSINESS EVENT GROUPS. From creating artwork from marine debris to tracking endangered Tasmanian devils, these corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities provide groups with the chance to give back to the destination they are visiting. [ AUSTRAL I A UPDATE Cook for a cause in Adelaide, South Australia In this group initiative, teams transform rescued ingredients into gourmet meals, then help pack the food ready to deliver to local charities. Groups of up to 50 guests will learn zero-waste kitchen skills and practical culinary tips and tricks to apply at home. The good news is, there is no washing up and guests get to sample their culinary delights. Or raise the bar with the Cooking for a Cause and experience, where groups are rewarded for their efforts with a seated lunch or dinner featuring some of the delicious food that they have created as a team, with the lion’s share still going to charity. TIP: OzHarvest runs Cooking for a Cause across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. Track Tasmanian Devils, Tasmania An incentive programme in Tasmania would not be complete without a wildlife encounter, and one Tasmanian organisation that is leading the CSR charge is the Tasmanian Devil Unzoo. Reversing the traditional concept of a zoo, this ‘Unzoo’ near Hobart immerses humans in a natural environment to allow more freedom for the animals, and more memorable, authentic encounters for visitors. The Unzoo’s Devil Tracker Experience does exactly this by taking groups of up to 10 at a time on a guided four-wheel drive tour in native forest to see first-hand how the healthy Tasmanian devils of the isolated Tasman Peninsula are being tracked and monitored. Guests help to identify and monitor vital Tasmanian devil activity and health data by downloading the latest images from the infra-red cameras and recording their activity. Incorporating a guided tour of the Unzoo is a fantastic way for guests to learn about the fight to preserve and protect this endangered species. Thinking creatively in Sydney, New South Wales ‘Out of the Box’ is an opportunity for socially responsible organisations to make a Give back by gardening in Melbourne. Photo: CERES Track devils in Tasmania. Photo: Tasmanian Devil Unzoo Lizard-Island, Great-Barrier Reef Research-Centre. Photo: Luxury Lodges of Australia [30] meeting newz [nov dec] 2021