Meeting Newz November / December 2021

PROF I LE ] Part of the Coast Group family, along with Exhibition Hire Services and a number of other brands, Carlton is reporting a resurgence in confidence among organisers after government assurances that New Zealand will have an event-filled summer. “We’ve received updates from a number of festival and event organisers, and they are looking forward to a successful fewmonths,” says national manager Dane Botherway. Carlton Events comprises a robust, resilient teamwith members who have weathered the storms together for the last 20 years. Newly appointed Carlton Events manager Kohl Midgley has been impressed with the Coast Group family and their ability to set themselves up for resurgence with good clarity on how best to invest in the future. A recent restructure has allowed Carlton to improve cost structure and implement changes to some practices to make it easier for input and coordination with the wider Coast Group. Midgley says making these adjustments with an enthusiastic, experienced team and a strong brand like Carlton have been a great motivator in a challenging period. Team leader Tovia (Stoves) Petia says he and the rest of the team are driven to make sure they are always “on point” and keeping customers happy. “It is rewarding to know that we have been doing this for so long and we are still together,” says Stoves. “Most important to me is looking after my crew, leading by example and, no matter how hard the job is, making sure it is completed and that the customer is smiling by the time we finish.” He says that being part of Coast Group is beneficial because it means Carlton Events can also call on the expertise, and work with, other sides of the business. “It means it’s not just about marquees; it’s also panels, power, carpet and a variety of businesses coming together as one.” While the company is keen to get back to its core business, the 10-strong team at Carlton Events has been busy in ways that were not necessarily foreseen before the latest pandemic challenges. “Typically, Carlton Events supplies marquees and structure for weddings, music and sporting occasions and various major events,” says Dane Botherway. “In November we built the Eden Park Mass Vaccination event, with Carlton Events supplying the marquees and EHS providing furniture. “Carlton Events has also been supplying temporary warehousing for different companies. In many cases, their warehouse is full of stock and they need somewhere to pick and pack it. So we have been providing All signs are pointing towards a bumper summer for events, concerts and festivals – and the team at Carlton Events will be right in amongst the action. CARLTON EVENTS: TOGETHER FOR 20 YEARS AND LOOKING TO THE FUTURE C O A S T G R O U P ~ C O M P A N Y P R O F I L E S E R I E S large marquees for that purpose.” Botherway says Carlton Events, and Coast Group in general, have also used the last few months to restructure and invest in new products while also updating existing ones. “With the group fully vaccinated, we are ready for summer events,” he adds. Carlton has also launched a new website for a more user-friendly experience for customers, enhancing the ability to tailor their event to their specific needs. Marquees set up at Eden Park for the recent “Dotted” against COVID-19 event Tovia (Stoves) Petia Kohl Midgley meeting newz [nov dec] 2021 [29]