Meeting Newz May / June 2021

[ TAUPO to make an impression.’ Inch says utilising plants and foliage is an easy and effective way to do this. “We had a conference recently where the organiser dressed the stage with plants. That made a big difference to the focal point of the event.” Eventrent is a boutique event hire and design company specialising in corporate events, weddings and other special occasions. Inch says the company is investing in new inventory, including wooden furniture that fits in with the desire for a more natural environment. At the other end of the scale there is still demand for an industrial look with black furniture and fixtures. Operating throughout central North Island, the company is always on the lookout for new locations in its home base of Taupo and beyond. “We’re finding that people are again looking to get away from the main venue to a private location – Hidden Valley at Wairakei Resort is ideal for this.” Inch adds that the while event business is still not back where it was before the pandemic, there are promising signs that corporate events are back on the agenda. “There’s definitely some movement and we have really noticed that more in the last couple of months. People are getting back to conferences and a lot of venues are telling us they are getting busy again.” Eventrent has been operating since 2009 and its services cover gala dinners and awards, cocktail and lounge style events, theming and design, event management and hire packages. Hilton positive Providing an exciting ‘international resort’ experience at home’ and utilising products and features that can’t be purchased off the shelf is keeping Hilton Lake Taupō in good stead with domestic business events. 50% OFF CENTREP I ECE H I RE ! *FOR A LIMITED TIME, T&CS APPLY CALL IN THE EXPERTS TO HELP MAKE YOUR NEXT EVENT UNFORGETTABLE TAUPO E VENTS@EVENTRENT . CO . NZ 1 9A MI RO STREET DON ' T MI SS OUT ON Wairakei Resort Taupo The team at Eventrent Theming by Eventrent Vermicasts being returned to the Wairakei Resort as part of its 360 degree sustainability programme [26] meeting newz [may jun] 2021