Meeting Newz May / June 2021

TAUPO ] over the past few months. “There is certainly more confidence from event organisers, especially with COVID vaccinations starting to happen. Companies have been cautious and not wanting to commit to dates, but we are seeing this change.” He says both Wairakei and the Chateau are iconic properties in the New Zealand market, which has put them in a good position in challenging times. “They have been sitting at about 70% domestic in their market mix anyway, so we haven’t been reliant on international business in the past.” That said, Watkins is looking forward to more traction from the trans-Tasman bubble. “We’re not seeing anything in terms of enquiries from Australian-based conference organisers yet. There are some wedding enquiries and also New Zealand conferences that want to bring delegates over from Australia – maybe a speaker, director or others in higher management.” Watkins says sustainability is a key focus. This is manifest in a number of ways, including a partnership with MyNoke (noke meaning earthworm in Māori). “This involves waste including all food, paper towels, serviettes, newsprint, shredded office documents, cardboard and green waste from the resort being collected on a daily basis, and delivered to one of MyNoke’s regional worm farms in the district. The 2.5 billion specialist earthworms do their thing and the end product is returned to the resort’s land to enrich the orchard, gardens and lawn spaces. So it’s 360 degree conservation and it reduces landfill.” Natural look effective way to enhance events A move towards a green and natural look is a notable trend for those wanting to enhance their events, says Taupo-based Donna Inch, event and sales manager of Eventrent. “We have found that a lot of budgets have been slightly reduced, but events don’t need to be fully themed to be effective. It could come down to a centrepiece, table settings, a stage backdrop or even a red carpet at the entrance. “Anyone who goes to the trouble of organising an event should put in the effort Destination Great Lake Taupo meeting newz [may jun] 2021 [25]