meeting newz March / April 2018

forever how their kindness has truly changed someone’s life. When that is the case, the best thing you can do is to follow suit. Pay it forward. Change your mindset. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve been given is to always choose kindness, and once you start implementing this into your everyday life, you’d be surprised at how easy it is, and how rewarding it feels. Imagine what choosing kindness can do for you for your business and working relationships? You will have more meaningful exchanges, you will know people better, and you will be rewarded with an overwhelming feeling that you have helped someone that day, and that is priceless. [ EDITORIAL / NEWS Contents Note from the editor... meeting newz is registered as a magazine and is published by ProMag Publishing Ltd. Level 1, 20A Morgan St, Newmarket, PO Box 60154, Titirangi, Auckland. Internet: Phone: 09 307 3782. Fax: 09 307 3784. Group Editor: Shannon Williams email: Journalist: Sam Worthington Publisher: Stu Freeman email: Circulation & Advertising Production: Patrea Robson: Administration Manager: Marg Patten email: Advertising Manager: Heather Lowrie Phone: 021 599 929 email: Design & Production: Gary Covich email: Printing: Image Centre Distribution: Western Mailing ISSN: 1172-5893 One of the best things about working in a niche industry like ours is the different types of people you meet. People whose jobs you never even knew existed before you were working in that industry yourself. What this means is that whatever job you are in, whatever industry you happen to build a career in, there are always people you can learn from. One thing that remains the same regardless of what industry you’re in is that kindness goes a long way. It’s a trait that unfortunately gets underestimated and is often missed entirely, as opposed to ambition, leadership, passion, intelligence and other more assertive traits often seen in the business world. Some of the acts of kindness, generosity and patience I’ve experienced has left me speechless, and being a writer with no words is an odd feeling. Sometimes words cannot express how much one person’s act of kindness has touched your life, and as a result that person may remain unaware FEATURES Convene Preview 10 Queenstown/ Southern Lakes 30 Northland 45 AND THE REST News 4 Industry news 27 AIME 28 Social Scene 42 People on the Move 44 Show Me Wellington 50 Hamilton Island 54 INDUSTRY COMMENT Editor’s Note 2 Stu’d Up 53 Letter from Sue Sullivan, CINZ 59 Cool to be kind Shannon Williams Group Editor 30th – 31st May 2018 ASB Showgrounds, Auckland. Register now for the Day Buyer programme Calling all Day Buyers Do you even have hotels? Ashford says a lot of time is spent promoting New Zealand in the international space. ‘We still have people around the world asking if we have hotels. How do you get here, how long does it take? So a lot of the time it’s a really basic promotion of New Zealand. Lucky for us, we are on everyone’s bucket list, and we leverage the 100% Pure campaign because people do want to come here. Give them a conference and they will come.’ She says bidding for an international conference is very much a ‘long term piece’. ‘We are currently pitching for conferences for 2026. We are competing globally for events that far out,’ she explains. ‘Money talks, but it doesn’t always win.’ Ashford explains that New Zealand is in a different position than some other countries when bidding for international conferences. ‘We compete in an arena with other countries that have very deep pockets when it comes to paying for conferences. For example, in Singapore the government can cover a huge percentage of costs. ‘It’s an arena where money talks, but it doesn’t always win. We support the bidding process but we don’t buy the conference. Why we win is because we have the expertise, and we work with those people to bring the conference to New Zealand. The knowledge and expertise will win over the money a lot of the time.’ continued from page 1... Money talks, but it doesn’t always win [2] meeting newz [ march april] 2018