Tahira Endean Tahira Endean

Expecting the unexpected

Not enough snow, followed by too much; teeny, tiny frogs, Hurricane Dorian – events are tested in real time; there is no practise run.

So it is important to surround yourself with people who have ideas and skill sets beyond your own, sometimes way beyond because you never know when the next wild weather pattern or protected amphibian is going to dump on your parade.

At PCOA 2019, Tahira Endean, Head of Events for SITE Global reinforced previous speaker Amna Kara-Hassan’s message that Anything is Possible. Success, says Endean, can be as little as viewing an apparent obstacle from a different perspective and most perceived obstacles can be overcome or at least adapted to the situation.

Endean also reminded delegates that genius is not defined by generation and we should erase inherent prejudices against age because you need a mix of things that a proven to work and new ideas that need an outlet.

You need to collaborate with frogs and nature, you need to know who holds the key to solving unexpected problems and you need to know who really has your back. With these foundations, you can keep yourself and your team focussed and find a challenge in unexpected events instead of a setback.