Julian Mather - Get Video Smart - Deep Dive at PCOA 2019 Julian Mather - Get Video Smart - Deep Dive at PCOA 2019

Put life into the lifeless in seconds

We are addicted to the convenience of our smart devices, says Julian Mather, in has Deep Dive Session as part of PCOA19 program on Sunday. So why not use that to even greater professional advantage? If you believe building relationships with clients is important, then video is the way to go.

Mather, of Get Video Smart, says videos are the future in boosting business. He would say that, wouldn’t he, in his line of business? But he puts forward a compelling argument not least that anyone can produce a simple, meaningful and tight video presentation instead of the ‘dull, undisciplined and misguided’ content that so often finds its way online. You can do it yourself; video literacy and confidence are not negotiable or separable.

There are three basic tenets, he says - Level, Locate and Lock; Walk, Talk and Twist; Shoot, Shift and Show. The first addresses the issue that most people shoot phone video from arm’s length, looking down into the lens, as this is the most comfortable position. However, you should actually look the lens right in the eye. That is – bring the lens level with your eye, locate subject and lock it in.

For the second you need a selfie stick, particularly to twist and show what you are talking about and finally add movement – shoot from higher up, lower down and straight ahead. All this can be easily edited on your smart phone. To illustrate this, Mather shot and edited a video in less than a minute.

Other simple tips when shooting a simple video included;

Shoot wide shots, mid shots and close ups; Shift up, down and in; Show where you are, what’s happening and who’s reacting.

Find out more.  www.julianmather.com