Blair Glubb Blair Glubb

Uno Loco merges with Production Associates

Experience marketing company Uno Loco and event design and delivery experts Production Associates have merged forces.

Blair Glubb, CEO Uno Loco, says he believes the timing is perfect to extend Uno Loco's skill set and capacity.

'The experience industry is surging ahead globally with more marketing dollars spent in the sector year on year.

'This is driven by the growing power of live experiences in an increasingly digital world.

'Here in New Zealand the industry is the most dynamic we’ve ever seen it.  

'At Uno Loco we’ve got some fearless clients who thrive on pushing creative boundaries and we’re also enjoying unprecedented market demand, so for us this merger couldn’t happen soon enough.'

Production Associates directors Ian Lawley and Conan Richards have worked all over the world.

They are respected for their refined aesthetic and technical expertise and have a reputation for embracing emerging technology and driving innovation in the sector.

Lawley is taking an equity share in Uno Loco, and joins Craig, Troy, Jared and Blair in the ownership group.

'Ian is one of the most experienced event producers in the country and we were frankly astounded at the feedback his clients gave during the due diligence process,' says Glubb. 

'Ian clearly brings magic to his work, and will make an exceptional addition to our senior team.'

Richards is going to consult back to the merged business to support Uno Loco and Production Associates' clients through the transition, and will then return to his roots focusing on projects in the arts world.