Technology challenging business events

Technology challenging business events

The future relationship between robots and humans will be in the spotlight at AIME this year, as Dr Jordan Nguyen, Bill Bennett, Casey Hyun, and moderator Dr Jenine Beekhuyzen present their insights and experiences working with technology at the ‘Man vs Machine… Are robots challenging humans?’ Saxton Up Close and Personal session.

Nguyen says technology is changing the way we interact and engage with not only each other, but many aspects of our everyday lives.

‘We are in the midst of a world-changing technological revolution, a new era. Solutions to impossible human problems are becoming possible, the lines are blurring between real and virtual worlds, and our relationship with robotics and AI is becoming increasingly integrated… these bring about the creation of previously unimagined experiences, and we must examine how these capabilities can better inform and educate us, so ultimately, humanity can thrive moving into this bold new future.’

‘Event technology already explores the relationships and boundaries of virtual reality and robots, it will be very interesting to explore these applications and what they represent for the industry,’ says Nguyen.

Saxton Up Close and Personal session ‘Man vs Machine… Are robots challenging humans?’ is the first session at AIME, at 10:40am Tuesday 20 February.