MEA goes online

MEA goes online

Meetings & Events Australia has launched a webinar programme giving members free access to high-quality training online each month.

The first webinar for 2018 will be held on 31 January on the Sales Process presented by Nicole Bates, founder of Conversion Management.

The webinar programme aims to complement MEA’s face-to-face professional development programme.

It will also provide the ability to upgrade professional skills within the industry – in particular, those skills where shortages were identified in the Australian Workplace Skills Survey for the Events Industry Sector conducted by MEA last year.

Sales and business development skills were in the top five gaps identified in this research, with the webinar aiming to provide an opportunity for anyone in the industry to upskill their sales performance or that of their teams.

The webinars are available free to financial MEA members and can be accessed by non-members for a small fee.