Sustainability in the spotlight

Sustainability in the spotlight



The Tourism Export Council conference last week shone a spotlight on sustainability, with the need to ensure tourism growth is sustainable economically, environmentally and socially top of mind.

The conference held in Te Anau attracted around 250 people involved in the country's tourism industry.

 Tourism chief executive, Stephen England Hall says the conference allowed the industry to talk about how continued sector growth can be well managed.

‘While it's fantastic to see that new data shows that International visitors are continuing to rate New Zealand very highly as a destination, with 96% saying their trip met or exceeded expectations - the consensus was that we can't rest on our laurels,’ he says.

'We know a huge part of that great experience comes down to Kiwi hospitality, manaakitanga - the reputation we have as a warm and welcoming country. Something that is only possible with the continued support of New Zealanders,’ England explains.

'Telling the 'value and benefit of tourism' story is something we can all do better together and this is something that we are really keen to do more of alongside the industry.

'The industry has a fantastic story to tell about the contribution they make to the communities they operate in through employment and economic growth,’ he continues.

‘We are committed to bringing our story telling skill set to support the development of this.'