NZ’s service industry crisis

NZ’s service industry crisis

There’s a skill shortage looming in the service industry that’s going to affect all New Zealanders, across all regions, and visitors to our country.

That’s the bold claim of Dean Minchington, ServiceIQ CEO, who says there is a very real crisis around the corner.

‘It puts our successful service sectors at risk, and unless things change soon, New Zealand will be worse for it,’ he says.

It’s a shortage of skilled labour needed to fill around 200,000 jobs that will be opening in the next two and a half years, according to the latest At Your Service Aotearoa economic report.

Most of this is due to extraordinary exponential growth across sectors that include tourism – New Zealand’s leading economic earner - hospitality, retail and aviation.

‘To understand the impact of a skills shortage, the building and construction industry is a prime example of what can happen when supply can’t meet demand, and in that industry the shortage has led to a whole range of issues including chronic delays in service, higher prices and homelessness,’ says Minchington.

‘The service industry touches every aspect of our lives. Among the roles service businesses urgently need to fill are retail managers, hotel staff, restaurant staff, chefs, even aircraft engineers and pilots.’

Minchington is calling on all politicians, both central government and local, to work together to change things for the better.

‘This is more than an industry being a victim of its own success. In fact, if we approach this together and take ownership to find a solution, it could be an opportunity not just for the industry but for the country.