Jake Downing and Sue Duncan Jake Downing and Sue Duncan

CINZ board members elected

Jake Downing of Weta Workshop and Sue Duncan of Uno Loco are the new board members in the silver category.
New member in the gold category is Tracey Thomas of Conference Innovators; and Julie White of InterContinental Hotels Group joins returning member Gillian Officer of SKYCITY in the platinum category.

Tony Gardner, newly appointed CINZ Board Chairman, says CINZ is looking to focus the contributions of board members, both at a governance level and at a more practical contribution level.
'We are certainly trying to focus things, up our game a little bit. The truth is that Sue doesn't have a large team, and in actual fact it's a small team that does a heck of a lot. What we're looking to do on the board as well as have the governance role in place, which is necessary, is to have a layer of contribution whereby the board members actually do contribute in a practical sense.'