Craig Murray, Destination Rotorua Craig Murray, Destination Rotorua

Pullman for Rotorua

The announcement earlier this year of the Pullman coming to Rotorua is great news for the city, and reflects its transformation into a leading business events destination. Destination Rotorua’s business events manager Craig Murray says that while it is staying true to its roots, the city is adapting to fit with the changing world around it. ‘Rotorua is changing.

You can see it now with the higher-end stores, the growing population, the higher average income. And Rotorua as a destination is becoming more savvy in response to that,’ he explains. Tourism is Rotorua’s biggest employer - one in five people who work in the city works in tourism. ‘If tourism is doing well, so is Rotorua,’ says Murray. ‘The business events team drives income into Rotorua on the shoulder seasons, keeping tourism going all year round across the region.’ Murray says having the Pullman, which is set to open in late 2018/early 2019, come to Rotorua is huge and an amazing opportunity for the business events industry in the region. The 130-room hotel will feature an executive lounge and five meeting rooms. ‘It will open up new opportunities and potentially a different level of visitor to Rotorua. Right now we don’t have that option for businesses wanting a five-star level of service,’ he says. ‘If you’re a PCO or event manager and your client needs 50 five-star rooms, Rotorua would have been looked over.’ Murray says that while Rotorua’s current stock is of a high level with a number of luxury five-star lodges and four-star plus hotels, ‘the Pullman now opens us up to a slightly different market, and adds additional value to our region.