Events pump $15m into CHCH economy

Events pump $15m into CHCH economy

Christchurch is wrapping up a bumper summer of events as the city continues to prove itself an ideal event host city.

Close to a dozen events brought to the city with help from ChristchurchNZ pumped an estimated $15 million into the local economy, between August 2018 and February 2019.

Event visitors during that period also generated an estimated 70,000 visitor nights at local accommodation providers.

Events fit squarely within ChristchurchNZ’s brief of making Christchurch a prosperous city and an appealing place to live and visit.

In February, global music icon Phil Collins played to 25,000 people at Christchurch Stadium, an event in part sponsored by ChristchurchNZ. Post-event data confirmed visitor spend during this event alone at $5.8m.

Anecdotal reviews from hospitality and retail providers suggest they highly valued the increased foot traffic and trade, and noticed a spike in CBD activity.

The hugely popular BlackClash match at Hagley Oval, pitting rugby and cricket stars against each other in a T20 style of cricket, was another win for ChristchurchNZ and the city.

Visitor spend associated with the match topped an estimated $800k, and it generated close to 4000 visitor nights. In addition, the match was broadcast live on TVNZ to an audience of over one million Kiwis.

'Events are also a great way to engage with our community, attract visitors, stimulate economic activity and raise our city’s profile both in New Zealand and around the world,' says Karena Finnie, ChristchurchNZ head of major and business events.

With the Christchurch Town Hall now open, and Te Pae convention centre opening next year, Christchurch is solidifying its place as a reliable host city.

'As a re-emerging player in the global events market, Christchurch has huge potential,' says Finnie.

ChristchurchNZ launches its Major Events Fund on 12 March, looking to further bolster the economic impact events have on the city.

The aim of the contestable Major Events Fund is to attract event organisers to Christchurch, leveraging our landscape, both built and natural, as an ideal location to host events.

'The fund is a key programme through which ChristchurchNZ will invest in events on behalf of the city, and plays a vital role in defining Christchurch as a destination,' says Finnie.

Applications to the fund are open until 7 April. Successful applicants will meet the Major Events Fund criteria, which includes the promotion of Christchurch to national and international audiences, visitor expenditure, and an increase in visitor nights. For more information on these guidelines and the application process, visit