MCEC supports local wind farm

MCEC supports local wind farm

In a move to offset its current expansion project, Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) is joining forces with other organisations to support the development of a wind farm in regional Victoria.

This will enable the venue to purchase renewable energy certificates equivalent to the projected electricity consumption for its 20,000 square metre project.

MCEC’s chief operating officer, Leighton Wood says the venue was inspired to become involved in this project because it recognised the positive difference it would make, for both the venue and wider community.

‘As an important public asset, it is our duty to improve our environmental impact and live up to the sustainability expectations of our stakeholders – our customers, our employees, our Club Melbourne Ambassadors, and our local community.

‘Our venue is growing by 25%, with the project giving us the ability to offset our expanded building with renewable energy certificates,’ says Wood.

The planned wind farm will include 39 wind turbines and will deliver a boost to the local economy with construction jobs and opportunities for local businesses, suppliers, and contractors.