AKL: Open for business

AKL: Open for business

Major events such as the America’s Cup in 2021 will propel Auckland into the global spotlight, according to Steve Armitage, Auckland Tourism, Events & Economic Development general manager, speaking at Asia-Pacific Incentives & Meetings Expo.

‘While 2021 is an incredible opportunity to propel our city into the world stage, we aren’t strangers to hosting these kinds of major events. The Rugby World Cup 2011 is an example of how a single event can be a catalyst for

change,’ he says. 

Armitage says Auckland is already beginning to transform itself ahead of the America’s Cup, with many infrastructure projects already underway.

‘We’re working closely with Emirates, private investors and the government to transform Auckland and provide that lasting legacy that Auckland is looking for.

‘There is $23 billion dollars already committed to existing projects with more in the pipeline - these will enhance Auckland’s business event offering. Most of these projects will be completed by 2021, including the NZICC, which will be done by 2019,’ Armitage explains. 

‘There is a lot of construction going on but I can assure you that Auckland is open for business.’

Armitage says to help prepare for change and maximise the opportunity for change, ATEED is leveraging its strong partnerships. 

'The partnership approach is built on the commonly held view that for Auckland to be a great place to live it must be a great place to visit.

‘We are pursuing more opportunities and putting more energy into business events to maximise the value of this sector more than ever before. We are committed to making Auckland a more compelling business events destination.’