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Tourism New Zealand has been
making waves across the country,
hosting conference ambassador
functions for academics at New
Zealand’s top universities. At the
Wellington function were Winston
Seah, professor engineering and
computer science; Leonie Ashford,
Tourism New Zealand; and Jessica
Beyeler, Business Events Wellington.
Find out more about Tourism New
Zealand’s mission to spread the
conference word to New Zealand
universities on pages 34 & 78.
Officially in place from Monday 4 April
2016, the Health and Safety at Work Act is
aimed at reducing New Zealand’s workplace
injury and death toll by 25 per cent by
2020, and carries with it a host of new
responsibilities for event professionals.
Wayne Middleton, director Reliance Risk,
delivered a seminar at the recent Show
Me Wellington expo, and reassured event
professionals that the new legislation is
nothing to fear.
‘Three and a half years ago the Australian
venues and events industry was getting very
nervous about this legislation and I must
say, having gone through the process now
I’m here to alleviate many of your concerns
– the world hasn’t caved in, and people
haven’t gone to jail.’
Middleton says event professionals that
are doing good safety risk management
currently shouldn’t see much change.
‘For those that this is a foreign concept
for, there will be some change – there’s
some need to put some documentation
together and to understand what processes
are coming particularly from venues.’
The main aspect event professionals need
to focus on is ensuring risks at events are
actively identified and managed.
Safety for Dummies:
de-mystifying the new
health and safety laws
D-day is looming for New Zealand’s new health and safety
legislation, and event professionals need to stay on the
ball with the new policies or risk legal action.
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