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Cadbury Carnival conference

anyone? Delegates on a recent

Dunedin famil got to try their hand

at Jaffa racing from the top of the

world’s steepest street ahead of the

annual Cadbury Jaffa race, where

75,000 of the chocolate treats are

hurled down Baldwin Street as

part of the Cadbury Carnival. Sally

Dickson, Conference Innovators; Amy

Abel, Conferences & Events; Lizzy

Tankard, Promote Ltd; Chris Hughes,

Air New Zealand; Alex Mitchell, S2N

Events line up to race. Check out the

full famil coverage on page 10.

The International Association of

Convention Centers (IACC) recently published

a report detailing predictions from meeting

planners as to what the meeting room of the

future will look like.

Seventy-five per cent of those surveyed

reported that their current role involves

more ‘experience creation’ than two to five

years ago. Over 77% of respondents reported

that access to interactive technologies such

as tools to engage audience participation,

collaborative communication platforms and

others are more important now versus the

last several years. And 47% reported the

importance of flexible meeting space now

versus in the past.

Meeting planners also strongly agreed

that access to collaborative meeting spaces

will become more important in the next two

to five years, indicating the need for more

creative, less traditional options.

The evolving industry landscape means

that meeting planners need to continually

evaluate all elements of the meeting

experience to ensure they are providing

The meeting room

of the future

The meetings industry is transitioning at a rapid pace.

Delegates don’t want the same thing out of a conference

anymore, they want interaction, innovation, newness, value,

purpose. Yet meeting rooms and conferences today don’t

actually look all that different to what they did 20 years ago.

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