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Samantha Stirling, Queenstown based
general manager of Orange Exchange, says
the company has spent the last 18 months
to two years researching what the Chinese
market wants and expects out of a DMC.
‘We are now actively pursuing that market
and seeing a lot of potential,’ says Stirling.
She says that traditionally many incentives
out of China closely resembled typical
inbound tour operator (IBO) business.
‘Much of the market is still about scenery
and the exploration of New Zealand, which
is good for the country. But definitely a
lot of groups are looking for things like
a special dinner or a hand made activity
component. For example we have seen a
demand for hunting, especially at the higher
end, VIP level.’
Stirling says Nan Meng is China
relations director with the company and
recently Orange Exchange has appointed a
representative, Lisa Xu, in Shanghai as well.
‘We also work closely with Tourism New
Zealand and Air New Zealand.’
Meantime, the company has also recently
appointed Kylie Brittain, who is handling
the United States market as well as working
with her connections in Australia.
‘The Australian market is consistent,’
says Stirling, ‘and the product knowledge,
especially in the PCO (professional
conference organiser) capacity, is strong.’
MEETINGS 2015 was another big
success, with many delegates
getting into the swing of things
early on ‘pre-expo’ famils around
the country and taking in site
inspections and activities around
Auckland. As part of the lead
in to MEETINGS, Kerry South,
South Events and Kylie Robinson,
Motor Trade Association had a wiz
around the ANZ Viaduct Events
Centre with Abbie Jay and Nikki
Henderson, Pirate City Rollers
Good vibes for
incentive market
A growing and evolving Chinese market along with
Australians’ current propensity to stay reasonably close
to home are combining to produce a strong business
climate for incentives, says one of New Zealand’s
leading destination management companies (DMCs).
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