meeting newz January / February 2018

movements are important because it shows women that they are not alone and they are supported. Women supporting women cannot be underestimated. And as an industry dominated by women, we too must support each other. We can’t expect men to stop commenting on our bodies and our looks until we do. If you talk about someone behind his or her back, you’re only giving permission for someone else to talk about you behind yours. Famils can be gossip sessions, networking events can be Chinese whispers, gala dinners can feel like the high school ball and you can feel like a million bucks in that new dress until you walk into a room and get looked up and down by a squad of beauty queens. So, as we greet 2018, I’m pledging to stop with the gossip, the judgment and the comments, and I’m asking you all to as well. We are a female- dominated industry, so let’s make that something to be proud of and make ours an industry where this attitude and behavior is unacceptable. [ EDITORIAL / NEWS Contents Note from the editor... meeting newz is registered as a magazine and is published by ProMag Publishing Ltd. Level 1, 20A Morgan St, Newmarket, PO Box 60154, Titirangi, Auckland. Internet: Phone: 09 307 3782. Fax: 09 307 3784. Group Editor: Shannon Williams email: Journalists: Sam Worthington and Patrea Robson Publisher: Stu Freeman email: Circulation & Advertising Production: Trish Freeman email: Administration Manager: Marg Patten email: Advertising Manager: Heather Lowrie Phone: 021 599 929 email: Design & Production: Gary Covich email: Printing: Image Centre Distribution: Western Mailing ISSN: 1172-5893 We could say we are lucky to work in a sector that is dominated by women. Unlike many other industries that are led by ‘powerful’ men that are plagued with horrendous stories of sexism, abuse and harassment against minorities, the events and travel industry is full of women of different race, age, sexual orientation and socio-economic backgrounds. Because of this, we could say we are lucky to not have to face the same kinds of discrimination as less-diverse industries. Right? You would have to be living in a different world if you’re unaware of the #metoo and #timesup movements. News coverage has been swamped for quite some time now by harrowing stories from courageous women who have been harassed, assaulted or discriminated against by men in their jobs. These movements are looking to call time on the abuse and harassment against women (and men) in every industry in every country across the world, and it’s an issue that affects everyone, including you. (By the way, if you are unaware – time’s up on that too and it’s best you get educated.) Almost every woman I know has experienced harassment (or worse) in some form over her lifetime. And I in no way think that our industry is immune. These FEATURES Sustainable Meetings 10 Auckland 11 Manawatu 32 Whanganui 36 Taranaki 38 Show Me Wellington 46 AND THE REST News 1 Sell TNQ 26 Social Scene 30 Dreamtime 42 Stu’d Up 53 Industry Update 52 People on the Move 53 The team at Celebrity Speakers has highlighted four speakers they think challenge perceptions, stir emotion, capture attention and test intuition. Brylee Mills Time’s up Shannon Williams Group Editor According to the company, these speakers get audiences to think differently, proving that things are not always as they seem. One of the speakers in the spotlight is Robert Hollis, a highly successful entrepreneur who owns multiple companies. He is ranked in LinkedIn’s Top Three Most Influential New Zealanders and is the youngest member of NZ Tech Industry Association. Julia Hartley-Moore is a private investigator, who grew a successful PI business with no police experience. Third on the list is Dr Paul Wood, a psychologist who spent 11 years behind bars for manslaughter and now works with top CEOs and professional rugby teams on emotional resilience and how to unleash potential. And last but most certainly not least is Brylee Mills. Involved in a car accident at age six, her arm was amputated above the elbow. Being a keen dancer, she is determined to not lose sight of her dreams. Challenging perceptions with Celebrity Speakers [2] meeting newz [ january february] 2018