Stu Freeman - Director
Stu Freeman -
0274842863 / 09 307 3782 Ext. 3

Stu is our publisher extraordinaire. You can usually see him out and about chinwagging at events and doing ‘very serious’ business for Meeting Newz and TRAVELinc. He started out as a newspaper journalist before the Iranian revolution and has worked for at least four publications that don't even exist anymore. He took up a contract role with a magazine called Meeting Newz in the late 1980s and eventually bought the title… and the rest is history.

Trish Freeman - Director
Trish Freeman -
09 307 3782

Trish keeps the ProMag wheels moving, taking care of our finances, data and a whole myriad of things. She’s also our best proof reader. Trish loves the people and the places and the variety of what we do at ProMag, and she also loves it when people tell her they read our mags in the bath, at the beach, in bed, on the deck with the glass of wine....and even at their desks.

Shannon Williams – Group Editor
Shannon Williams – Group
0211824803 / 09 307 3782 - Ext. 4

Shannon is our group editor, responsible for our overall editorial strategy, both print and online, and managing ProMag’s bunch of misfits. She pushes out the Meeting Newz magazine, our e-newsletters, and writes content across all of our publications. Outside of work, Shannon is a keen traveller, coffee addict and ginger cat lover. She likes to play sport, swim in the ocean, spend time with her dogs, and re-read Harry Potter like the true nerd she is.

Sam Worthington - Digital Editor
Sam Worthington - Digital
0211115851 / 09 307 3782 - Ext. 5

Sam takes care of our online world, keeping an eye on our online content, as well as helping out with editorial across all our platforms and social media. She classes herself as a digital native, but Stu often likes to poke fun at her for not knowing how to post a letter. She’s a bit of a book worm, self-proclaimed wine connossieur and loves spending her spare time at the beach with her dog Alfy.

Patrea Robson – Production & Operations
Patrea Robson – Production &
09 307 3782 - Ext. 6

Patrea is our production and operations superstar, coordinating advertising, overlooking data, helping out editorial and events, and making sure everything that needs to be done, gets done. Fiestas and siestas are her two favourite things, in no particular order. And when she finally gets to go home for the day you can find her cooking, eating, drinking, swimming at the beach, in the garden or having a good old chinwag.

Gary Covich – Graphic Designer
Gary Covich – Graphic Designer
09 307 3782 / 021 611 620

Gary is our graphic design guru who takes care of Meeting Newz magazine, plus a whole lot of other projects. After 20 something (plus plus) years working as an art director and creative visualiser for ad agencies, he decided to leave the three hour lunch breaks behind for a more glamourous role with ProMag. Most days you can find him buried in magazine production and fancy client ads using only the best multi-coloured crayons.

Terry Holt – Advertising
Terry Holt –

Terry is our advertising sales champion for our printed magazine, e-newsletters and websites. He has worked in the industry almost as long as Meeting Newz has been about. He can help you create print and digital advertising campaigns.

Marg Patten - Finance Manager
Marg Patten - Finance

Marg is our 'number cruncher’ who loves making those columns balance. And after they do, you’ll find Marg outside developing her country garden or in the kitchen creating menus worthy of a Michelin star restaurant. Marg also loves hanging out with her dog Rocco.

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