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Connect me now

By Stu Freeman, ProMag Publisher

Attending conferences where the main topic is the future of conferences can be like having a foot in two separate worlds.

For a number of years now there has been plenty of talk about video conferencing, increasingly sophisticated registration systems and more latterly exhibition and conference apps.

At the Professional Conference Organisers Conference in the Gold Coast late last year words such as augmented reality, beacon technology, chatbots and integrated event ‘tech decks’ came up a few times in keynotes.

This is all great stuff and technology, especially mobile technology, obviously has plenty more to offer the conference and events industry.

But there are also conversations at events like this that make me think I am in a time machine. Basic subjects like contracts between PCOs and accommodation providers are still being nutted out and causing controversy.

An exhibitor at the conference (PopUp Wifi) told me that they are having great success because organisers tell them the provision of reliable wifi (or the lack of it) is still identified as a major source of embarrassment in the industry.

And there was plenty of talk about catering as well – standard stuff like ‘please give us finger food we can actually eat with our fingers’.

So I suppose the challenge is not to forget the basic essentials – while taking advantage of the new opportunities.


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