Changing conversations

Vinyl records are the fastest growing category of music today. Who would have thought it? People still go to the movies (wasn’t television going to put
an end to that?) and if you are reading this column there is a good chance you are holding a paper magazine in your hands (though it is also on our website).

I was at a travel trade conference recently where a speaker pointed out that it is actually cool to have a travel agent. ‘There is widespread recognition among people now that agents are adding to the equation and that having a good travel agent among the professionals in your world is bene cial,’ said Andrew Burnes the CEO of helloworld Travel.

‘We all know there used to be a lot of talk about the death of travel agents. The question was ‘doesn’t everyone book online now?’ We’re just not having those conversations anymore.’

Of course, the meetings industry knows what that’s like. Technology was going to kill conferences and exhibitions, remember? We were all going to talk virtually, chat online and have wireless connections through our ears (well maybe not the last one).

These days the conversation is about how technology can enhance face-to-face communication and how it can continue to grow the appeal of business events – and the social networking associated with them.

Only a couple of years ago MCs would instruct everyone to ‘turn their cell phones off.’ Now the order of the day is to ‘keep your mobiles on’ to enable social media activity to run rampant through the programme.

Changing conversations – and there are many more to come.

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