Space still an events frontier


With the International Convention Centre in Auckland rising from the ground, progression in Christchurch and movement in both Wellington and Queenstown, it may seem strange that people would still be talking about an acute lack of event space in New Zealand in the medium to long-term.

However, in researching the exhibition feature for this month’s Meeting Newz it is clear that the need for more flat floor space, attached to conference centres, is still a major issue for New Zealand.

Practitioners in the field point out that a trend internationally is for large multi-tiered events that cater for both face-to-face interaction and various educational and entertainment needs.

For that, you need space.

People I have talked to this month say it is clear that politicians, both in the international and local government scenes, still don't see value in the expo and trade fair sectors like their international counterparts do.

In some markets, exhibitions are seen as a key driver of commerce, and there is evidence that many companies in Europe won’t deal with businesses unless they see them at a trade event.

Until the announcement of several new conference centres in New Zealand, there was growing noise from the meetings industry and agitation for more, functional space.

It is understandable that the calls for more facilities have dropped somewhat because real progress is being made.

But it would be a shame if the industry let politicians off the hook completely.

We should still be getting the message across that opportunities are being missed and that the country’s economy would benefit by having larger, more flexible, exhibition areas.

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