Industry Insights

Less gifts, more good

What if, instead of a gift-wrapped ceramic plate, the speaker got a handwritten card, describing exactly how their contribution made a difference?

That’s the question posed by Tracey Bridges, co-founder and director of The Good Registry and regular public speaker, who says it’s time thank-you gifts were looked at differently, and the industry should look to move away from gifts that created unnecessary waste.

Get ready for major growth

Written by Sue Sullivan, chief executive CINZ 

New Zealand’s share of the international multi-day convention market is on the cusp of major growth, with new purpose-built convention centres and hotel venues coming online in 2020.

Business events are already economic engines for New Zealand. Currently the market is valued at $558m per annum, and the CINZ goal is for the New Zealand conference industry to be worth more than $750m by 2020.

It's cool to be kind 

Written by Shannon Williams, group editor Meeting Newz 

One of the best things about working in a niche industry like ours is the different types of people you meet.

People whose jobs you never even knew existed before you were working in that industry yourself.

The show (season) must go on

It can't just be age, can it?

This year, if anything, seems to be going even faster than 2017 – and where did that go? I was at an industry function recently where someone said ‘it’s nearly Easter.’ A wag in the group responded ‘it’s nearly Christmas.’

Well maybe not, but it is certainly show season.

Time's Up

By Shannon Williams, ProMag Group Editor

We could say we are lucky to work in a sector that is dominated by women. Unlike many other industries that are led by ‘powerful’ men that are plagued with horrendous stories of sexism, abuse and harassment against minorities, the events and travel industry is full of women of different race, age, sexual orientation and socio-economic backgrounds. Because of this, we could say we are lucky to not have to face the same kinds of discrimination as less-diverse industries. Right?

Change it up for 2018

By Sue Sullivan, Conference & Incentives New Zealand chief executive

Kia ora

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018.  Another new year is upon us. They seem to come round with great speed, and this says something about the pace at which we work. With it come the traditional New Year resolutions, some of which will already be broken. Others are being adhered to with real intent.

This year, 2018 I have only one - change. A very broad resolution, many have said when I shared it. Change encompasses all aspects of life - personal and professional. Bold is what some have said, even more so when it is documented in a publication. To me it is about reviewing what has gone on in the past, looking at where things have settled, building on the successes and changing up some things in preparation for the future.

Connect me now

By Stu Freeman, ProMag Publisher

Attending conferences where the main topic is the future of conferences can be like having a foot in two separate worlds.

For a number of years now there has been plenty of talk about video conferencing, increasingly sophisticated registration systems and more latterly exhibition and conference apps.

Changing conversations

Vinyl records are the fastest growing category of music today. Who would have thought it? People still go to the movies (wasn’t television going to put
an end to that?) and if you are reading this column there is a good chance you are holding a paper magazine in your hands (though it is also on our website).

I was at a travel trade conference recently where a speaker pointed out that it is actually cool to have a travel agent. ‘There is widespread recognition among people now that agents are adding to the equation and that having a good travel agent among the professionals in your world is bene cial,’ said Andrew Burnes the CEO of helloworld Travel.